Your brain, like any part of your body responds to use.

If you use a part of your brain more than another part there is a greater likelihood that you will naturally use the most used part more than the less used part.

When it comes to your Quadrant preferences you may find that the parts (Quadrants) that you do use repetitively may not always give you the results you seek in all circumstances. For example, if you use Quadrant 1 lots and neglect Quadrant 2 you may not pay attention to details.

This behaviour may be costing you in numerous areas of your life!

There are many ways to change your brain plasticity, and meditation is just one (very effective) way. The Quadrant meditations train your brain to take on new firing patterns and therefore give you new behaviours.

The in8model® meditations are particularly helpful in preventing your brain from slipping into a “default mode” of focusing on replaying old patterns and the unneeded conditions that are associated with that.

Feeling relaxed and focused will be an immediate side effect of doing the in8model® meditations, along with the many other long-term health benefits that it brings. By using the meditations you will start to notice that your view of the world and your associated behaviours will start to change accordingly.

There are hundreds of scientific studies published showing that meditation, practiced regularly, can be helpful in managing, preventing and coping with a range of undesired behaviours. There is also research to suggest meditation can help boost immunity, slow the changes to DNA that occur with ageing.

Choose your Quadrant Meditation

Give your brain the gift of the in8model® meditation change.

Target an area (quadrant) of your brain that you would like to empower and do the appropriate meditation for a 30 day period and lock in that positive change.

Choose from a specific Quadrant Meditation, or get all 4 in a discounted bulk pack.

This is a fantastic tool! I've used it for the past 4 years with teams and I love how it's helped us be more aware our strengths and challenges as a team and individuals.

Ali Schwarz

Now things flow easier, my thoughts are clearer, challenges are less formidable - life is exciting again!

Dr Anne Jensen (USA)

I feel re-awakened, alive and that my life now truly has a meaning and a beginning.

Karl Tarry

The in8model and it's meditation is very special and enlightening, I feel like a brand new person.

- Davina Sheldrick