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Change your Brain and Transform your Life – Part 1

Mark Postles Blog

I am constantly blown away by the seemingly instant shifts in people’s behaviours and even their life, when they understand how their brain is wired and the effect this makes on the results they are getting.

When people know that doing different Quadrant preferences gets something totally different in their life’s outcomes they are empowered beyond belief … this is the process of transformation and you know what … it is actually quite easy.

With the in8model® you have an amazing method of creating change and seeing transformation in many areas of your life and business.

In the definition of ‘transformation’ we find words like – change in form, appearance, nature or character. The operative work here is change. Transformation is the process of change across form – or from one form to another.

What you experienced yesterday is gone because the world changes every day. People change. Weather changes. Relationships change. Prices change. Emotions change. Circumstances change. Businesses change. Governments change – Everything changes.

Everything is changing, Everything is in motion and every little thing transforms every second. And this is important, because this is the only way growth and breakthroughs can really happen.

When you ask yourself the question – is change desirable? I’m sure you will say, yes. And yet when asked do you find change easy the answer will probably a little different. Why is it that most of us at some level hate change with maybe the exception of a baby with a wet nappy!!?

When everything is going well, when we can pay our bills on time, when the kids are doing well in school, when our relationships are happy, when all is booming the last thing we want is to transform anything.

But change and the transformation that is associated with it is unavoidable. You have a choice as to how you conduct your life. You can be either growing or dying. You can be flexible of fixed. You can resist or release.

So, you have two choices when it comes to transformation – either move forward and engage it (no matter how terrifying this may be) or resist it, be caught on your back foot and be left behind.

This blog is one of a 2 part series addressing this most critically important aspect of life so tune in next week for a continuation of how to change your brain and transform your life.

Mark Postles

About Mark Postles

Mark is a professional speaker, business coach, professional development expert, chiropractor and author, his goal is to touch the hearts and inspire as many people’s lives as he can with his vision of hope for humanity.

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