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The in8model book

“The in8model is a fantastic, fresh view of people’s processing of the world, the brain science behind it and an understanding that allows us to achieve greater communication and connection. It smartly integrates previous models, moving beyond ‘pigeon-holing’ people in rigid labels and to a way in which we can learn by gaining awareness and observing what is true in others, as it is exists in ourselves. This book works as a theoretical text, describing the model, as well as a step-by-step workbook, describing how it exists in practice and how to implement it. In this way, it brilliantly allows each individual, group, family, company and community to expand and grow.” Dr Nimrod Weiner



What’s covered in the Book

What is possible for you and those in your sphere of influence.

A simple explanation of brain function using Neuroplasticity.

A fresh view of the way you process the world.

Fully accepting your authentic self.

Elegantly working with challenging people.

Stress without distress.

Building and rebuilding teams.

How to communicate in other people’s models of the world.

Creating productive organisations.

About the Author

Dr Mark Postles is a man with a profound curiosity for human beings and how they tick. He is an inspiring communicator, having the ability to easily bring out the best in people, teams and organisations.

As a professional speaker, business coach, professional development expert, chiropractor and author, he touches people’s lives as he shares his inspiring vision for humanity.

Mark masterfully integrates the big picture of possibilities with the practical details and realities of life, relationships and business, generating sustainable change.

Dr Mark Postles

The in8model represents both a wealth of information and an experiential workbook that offers guidance and tactics to rewrite limiting, self-sabotaging perceptions that we inevitably acquired during the first six years of our lives. Knowledge is power and the awareness of "self" provided in the in8model is precisely the knowledge we need for self empowerment.

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D