Hi, I am Mark Postles.

I am the founder of the in8model® and I have a profound curiosity for human beings, their behaviours and what makes them do what they do in the ways that they do them.

This enquiry led me along many paths as I explored what it was to live a genuine and authentic life. I knew that a sustainable existence occurs when people are in integrity with themselves and the world, and as this study continued it resulted in a model that I named the Integrity Model. As I delved further into the brain functions that make us do what we do, I realised that integrity is an innate function, hence the model was renamed to the in8model®.

As a speaker, business coach, professional development expert, chiropractor and author, my goal is to touch hearts and inspire as many people’s lives as I can with my vision of hope for humanity.

The in8model® is a roadmap and a method for navigating this journey from the innermost depths of the cerebral cortex to the outermost reaches of the cosmos.

If you would like to have me speak to your group or organisation, please contact us.

Read more about the team behind the in8model® below. Enjoy your journey. I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Meet The in8model® Team

Veronica Smith

The in8Model® Licensed Practitioner and Coach (Master)

Veronica is an award-winning and experienced educator, trainer, coach, speaker and entrepreneur.

With a Quadrant One approach, Veronica loves to create and develop new and innovative ways of applying The in8model® and is currently using the tool with secondary school students, parents, and educators, particularly in the area of Career, Education and Development.

As an experienced business mentor and coach, Veronica has also had great success supporting SME’s with growing their businesses as well as themselves, using The in8model® as an effective coaching framework.

As a Master Practitioner, Veronica now enjoys training and coaching new The in8model® licensees and coaches to achieve their business, career and life goals.

Veronica lives in Mandurah, WA, is married to Derry and is mum to six young adult sons.

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Davina Scrowther

The in8Model® Licensed Practitioner and Coach (Master)

Davina Scrowther

Davina is a wellness and business coach with over 25 years of customer service and team management experience.

Inspired by her chiropractic assistant mum and having been adjusted since early childhood, her commitment to the chiropractic industry and community health is deeply ingrained.

Davina saw that chiropractors needed support in identifying chiropractic assistants who could support practitioners in business, communicate health and wellness to the community, and maintain their own enthusiasm and inspiration in chiropractic. So, Davina set out to combine her expertise and passion, which led to the establishment of her own coaching business.

Whilst being mentored by Dr. Mark Postles and coaching clients with Quest, Davina has now served more than 40 practices in either a coaching or recruitment field (or both!); hired well over 120 Chiropractic Assistants, and inspired and trained hundreds more.

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Dr Alison Asher

The in8model® Licensed Practitioner and Coach (Master)

Alison is a Chiropractor with over 20 years experience in running vitalistic businesses: as a solo practitioner, a locum, in partnership and in group practices.

She has a broad range of knowledge of the options available to create the life you desire.

Alison’s area of expertise is in crafting and growing small businesses, with an emphasis on ensuring your vision is aligned with your values. She especially loves playing in Quadrant 4, so she tends to have a strong focus on how and why your values and beliefs drive your actions and hence your results. Alison’s personal area of interest is in the development of healthcare practices, in particular in creating time and space for you to place yourself as a priority, so you can reach your optimum potential, and therefore help so many more.

She lives on the Sunshine Coast where she runs a chiropractic practice, coaches, and runs seminars for women who want the very best in life. Alison thrives on making connections, and reconnecting people with their true selves.

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Dr Beau Woods

The in8model® Licensed Practitioner and Coach (Master)

Beau is a third generation chiropractor, ABC instructor and coach. Graduating from Murdoch in 2006 and also has a bachelor of commerce, majoring in business management.

He has built and managed a number of businesses using the in8model® framework. The pathway from employee, to self employed, to business owner is one that many dream of but few achieve. Most small business people never progress from ‘owning their job’. Using the in8model®, Beau has successfully built a seven figure health services business that is not completely reliant on the practice owner for revenue generation.

Beau has a wide depth of experience, having built, operated and sold multiple chiropractic practices in the country and city. He currently operates three practices in the south of Perth.

“To me, coaching is about transformation. A coach is someone who believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Its about defining who you are and where you are at currently in your life. Then we work out who you want to be and what your ideal life is. Then its a matter of working towards those ideals.”

He is married with 3 boys, and is living proof that we all have all quadrants and that change is not only possible but inevitable!

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Dr Sam Parker

The in8model® Licensed Practitioner and Coach (Master)

Sam is a Coach, International speaker and Chiropractor. Sam has been a Chiropractor since he graduated from RMIT in 2013.

Sam stumbled across the in8model® while still at University. Since then he has prospered in all areas of life due to his application, knowledge and understanding of the in8model®.

His journey has been one of advancement and evolvement, and learning from his journey.

Sam’s vision is to inspire and empower individuals, teams and businesses to: seek out, step up and reach their ultimate potential.

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