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The in8model® online assessment tool will help you to understand how your brain works … where your strengths and weaknesses are in each quadrant, what sort of behaviours and thinking you gravitate towards, the way you learn and communicate … plus how you can change the way you process your world.

With your results, you can:

  • Break free of those limiting self-images that have been holding you back
  • Achieve those elusive goals 
  • Find success in every area of your life
  • Develop sustainable loving relationships
  • Become an expert at communicating effectively with others
  • Overcome those challenges you have faced in managing or leading teams

If any of these areas resonate with you, then The in8model® will be the missing link you are seeking.

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About the in8model® brain quadrants

Quadrant 1

When we have an idea we engage the right frontal cortex – it asks the big questions and entertains far-reaching possibilities. “Why?” is the common utterance of this area – it wants the big picture – the context. This area appreciates and uses the perspective gained beyond the physical. Quadrant 1 is where we engage ourselves in the infinite sea of possibilities that exists around us. This is the territory of the dreamer, a place of inspiration, the initiator of intent and the land of the entrepreneur.


Quadrant 2

When we have information to process, we engage the left basilar area and it is here that we research and sort out all the “fluff” that came through from Quadrant 1. It could be said that the brain takes us to where the heart longs for us to go. Quadrant 2 asks the specific little questions and dissects information into understandable detail. “What?” is the common expression of this area – it wants the details, the content. This is the seat of order and structure – the home of the learned brain. It is the area that loves quantification and tangible science.


Quadrant 3

Quadrant 3 is located in the right basilar area of the brain. This is where we sort out the practical from the theoretical which Quadrant 2 gave us – we take the small details and put them to use to help humanity. “How?” is the common expression of this area – it wants to know how to apply the details and see them work. This area performs the appropriate actions in accordance with the philosophy (Quadrant 1) and science (Quadrant 2). It is the seat of application and industry – the home of the gut. Quadrant 3 is the hardworking, doing area of our brain.


Quadrant 4

Quadrant 4 develops things into far greater possibilities. “What Else?” and “What If?” are the common expressions of this area – it wants the overall picture and the context, but most of all it wants the bottom line. The expression, expansion and exploitation of the big idea from Quadrant 1 that has been dissected by Quadrant 2 and put to the test by Quadrant 3. Quadrant 4 is at home in the intuitive world – the zone of the universal mind. It says very loudly, “Let’s do it now”.


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