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The in8model® is a revolutionary assessment tool based on the study of human neurology, which focuses on the four different brain quadrants.

The in8model® online assessment tool, which takes 5-10 minutes to complete, becomes the framework of understanding and practical application on how your brain works, where your strengths and weaknesses are in each quadrant, and how this effects your processing your world.

With your results, you can:

  • Break free of those limiting self-images that have been holding you back
  • Start achieving those missed goals and find success in any area
  • Learn how to develop sustainable relationships
  • Become an expert at communicate effectively with others
  • Overcome those challenges you have faced in managing or leading teams

If any of these areas resonate with you, then The in8model®  will be the missing link you are seeking.

Experience the revolutionary in8model® resources

Empowering you to:

Align to your higher purpose

Increase your knowledge

Develop your skills

Magnify your life

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The in8model® Team

We serve people in all walks of life and stages of their personal development and professional development or business careers, from undergraduate students through to mums and dads to successful business people and leaders of our society.

What People Think of The in8model®

The in8model® is a revolutionary and dynamic approach to personal improvement.


The in8model® seminar attracted an amazing group of people committed to playing a better game of life!

Veronica Smith

I attended as a skeptic after so many previous 'ho hum' experiences with personal development programs. I loved the experience and the positive difference of the in8model®.

John Venning

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The in8model® Method Education Program

A personal exploration on how to play the Game of Life!

A blueprint for how you make sense of the world, teaching you how to play your game of life more easily and successfully.

An easy model to develop new perspectives and behaviours that expand your ability to be an effective human being.

Over 30 lectures and 2-3 hours of targeted video per month, plus audios and PDFs will guide you through this program.

Content segments based on the 4 key components of your brain to help you rewire yourself for better outcomes.

This course is for you if you have:

  • Been blocked or stopped by a limiting self-image
  • Missed out on achieving goals or success in any area
  • Struggled to develop sustainable relationships
  • Found it hard to communicate effectively with others
  • Been challenged by managing or leading teams

If any of these ring true for you, then The in8model® Method Education Program will be the missing link you are seeking.

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